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White Lotus: 50ml

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Inspired by the Four Seasons Hotel®, our White Lotus fragrance oil whisks you away to a secret paradise tucked in a lush rainforest. With top notes of wild fig, vetiver, almond, and sandalwood, it's like a touch of luxury in the air. The heart of the scent reveals the delicate notes of wild hyacinth, the sultry aroma of midnight jasmine, and a hint of amber. Deepening the experience, base notes of cedarwood, sheer musk, and golden oud create an inviting atmosphere that's both soothing and alluring. White Lotus brings the Four Seasons' charm into your space, making it a cozy, fragrant retreat that's simply irresistible. Top Notes: Wild Fig, Vetiver, Almond, Sandalwood Middle Notes: Wild hyacinth, Midnight Jasmine, Amber Base Notes: Cedarwood, Sheer Musk, Golden Oud