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Cedar Leather: 20ml

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Introducing "Cedar & Leather" Fragrance Oil—an evocative blend that envelops you in a world of woodiness and sophistication. At the outset, the top notes of cedar, lemon, and jasmine transport your senses to a tranquil forest, where the crisp aroma of cedar trees harmonizes with the brightness of citrus and the floral embrace of jasmine. As you delve deeper into the scent journey, the heart notes of sandalwood, amber, and lavender provide a sense of grounding and warmth, evoking the rugged elegance of aged leather and the richness of woody textures. Finally, as the scent settles and lingers, the base notes of vanilla, musk, and leather leave a lasting, luxurious trail, making you feel confidently alluring and leaving an indelible mark of sophistication wherever you go. Top: Cedar, Lemon , Jasmine Middle: Sandalwood, Amber , Lavender Bottom: Vanilla, Musk , Leather